Department of Social Sciences - Geography & Geology

Texas Instruments WLS-8000 (128K Memory)

The weather station on the roof of Boebel Hall.

Anemometer/Vane Collector

The WLS-8000 Series Weather Station tells at a glance the last time it rained, how hard and how much, the Heat Index, the Windchill Index or the Dewpoint. It can tell you instant or average wind speed and direction, outdoor and indoor temperatures, barometric pressure, humidity and the maximum and minimum of all values.

The WLS-8000 features data logging capability with 128K of memory (holds approximately 4000 lines of high resolution data). The logged data can be recalled on the display, downloaded into a computer or be queried by a modem.

Size: 12" wide, 7" tall, 6" deep
Barometer: 24 to 34 in. hg ±0.03 in. hg
Wind speed: 0 to120 mph
Wind direction: 0 to 360 degrees
Temperature: -70 to 140 deg. F ±1%
Humidity: 0 to 100% ±3%
Solar Radiation: 0 to 1400 W/sq. m
Rainfall: 0.00 to 999 inches

WLS Console
TE Wind Direction & Speed Sensor
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Solar Radiation Sensor
8" TE Rain Collector
Temperature & Humidity Sensor in Shield
Lightning Detector