Meet the Consultants

Writing Center Consultant

Kelsey Bigelow, Professional Writing Major

When she’s not behind a book, Kelsey is usually in a Doudna practice room playing piano and singing, dancing her heart out in Ballroom Dance Club, or spending time with friends. Kelsey loves writing consulting because she is able to practice and reinforce concepts she learns as a professional writing major. She loves to write and is hoping to fine tune her own writing while helping students discover their voices.

Writing Center Consultant

Elinor Burton, English Literature and Professional Writing Major, Creative Writing and Spanish Minor

Her friends would call her an energetic and involved person, and you'll definitely see that looking at her schedule. Elinor is the president of English Club, a member of the UW-Platteville Marching Pioneers, and a member of the Platteville Gaming Association. When she's not at a club event, Elinor is hanging out with the Nerd Herd, roleplaying in one of the four campaigns she's a part of, or listening to video game soundtracks while writing or reading. Elinor joined the Writing Center to help students find new angles to approach topics and to gain experience for her future career in writing and editing.

Writing Center Consultant

Emalydia Flenory, Professional Writing Major, Public Relations Minor

Emalydia enjoys all kinds of communication:formal papers, public speaking, or Twitter. She enjoys the variety of the papers and students whom she interacts with through each session at the Writing Center. Aside from helping you improve your writing, she enjoys reading, Netflix, cats, and anything that has to do with pop culture!

Writing Center Consultant

Elliott Frieden, Professional Writing Major, Theatre Minor

After a semester as a biology major and two years as an education major, Elliott discovered his passion for writing and changed his professional direction by declaring a major in professional writing and a minor in theatre. He then decided to join forces with the Writing Center to hone his writing skills and hang out with a pretty cool bunch of people. In his free time, he will most likely be reading, involved in a theatre production at the CFA, or spoiling himself with a Breaking Bad marathon.

Ashlee Frey, English Education Major

Ashlee is super excited to be working at the Writing Center. Like many of our consultants, Ashlee has always helped her friends and family with their writing projects, but at the Writing Center, she is able to help even more people! In her free time, she hangs out with friends, watches a lot of movies, and writes short stories and poetry.

Writing Center Consultant

Logan Heim, Professional Writing Major

Logan Heim is a laid-back guy - feel free to call him Logi Bear. He spends a lot of time with the Writing Center and loves to help other students with their writing. In his free time, he plays League of Legends, Dota 2, and PlayStation 2 games. He enjoys reading and hanging out with his brothers at Sigma Tau Gamma and keeps up a semi-regular blog of short stories and poems after his homework is completed.

Writing Center Consultant

Jerica Mlenar, Criminal Justice Major, Forensic Investigation & Psychology Minor

An avid reader for all of her post-toddler life, Jerica really appreciates the art of writing. She won a few essay contests here and there, starting as early as fifth grade, and even had one of her poems published in a book. Jerica is incredibly excited to help students discover their writing talents and learn as much as she can from the people she meets and the papers she reads. When she is not reading, writing, or at the WC, she works at the campus library, volunteers at local events, does homework, attends student organization meetings, cleans, or sings at the top of her lungs.

Matt Mutiva, Creative Writing Major

Matt can often be found meditating on top of the “M” or, nine times out of ten, writing poetry. He's teamed up with the Writing Center crew and happily found a way to incorporate his meditative style into helping students calmly approach writing!

Writing Center Consultant

Beth Pieper, Animal Science Major

Beth Pieper is in her second semester as writing tutor. She enjoys helping others and loves writing, so becoming a consultant at the Writing Center seemed like a great fit. Beth's favorite part of this job is meeting new students and working with them throughout the writing process. When she’s not at the Writing Center, she enjoys playing her clarinet, watching movies, and dealing a mean game of cards.

Writing Center Consultant

Zach Rothmann, Electrical Engineering Major, Weekly Grammar Champ

Although Zach has always been a math-brained person, he started to appreciate the art of writing his freshman year. Looking to be more of a well-rounded individual, Zach applied to the Writing Center and loves taking a break from numbers to talk about words with student writers. Zach is also able to blend his two favorite skills together, serving as the STEM-focused writing consultant. When Zach is not busy with lab reports and compositions, he is usually watching whatever sporting event is on TV or checking his fantasy lineups.

Writing Center Consultant

Danielle Stern, Elementary Education Major

A tutor for kids throughout high school, Danielle wanted to continue working with others by helping them with their writing. Danielle enjoys working with students. She was published for her poetry twice in middle school and once in high school. Danielle is an active member of Gamma Phi Beta and the DRIVEN Scholars program on campus, and in her free time, enjoys watching The Big Bang Theory and Jeopardy.

Writing Center Consultant

Raven Weems, English Literature Major, Ethnic Studies Minor

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Raven began working in the Writing Center under the Writing Fellows Program in Spring 2013 and is now a seasoned writing consultant. One of her favorite parts of this job is learning new things from the many different papers she encounters. Outside of the Writing Center, she enjoys mentoring freshmen through the DRIVEN Scholars Program, dancing on FusionX Hip-Hop Dance team, and participating in organizations like Black Student Union and Every Woman. In her down time, she obsesses over Breaking Bad, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, and reality television shows, as well as reading books, doing hair, and painting nails.


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