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Stylus: An Anthology of Freshman Writing

Stylus: An Anthology of Freshman Writing has been published at UW-Platteville since 2009, resulting in five volumes that include the work of more than 150 student writers. As a required, supplemental text for English 1130 and 1230, Stylus helps freshmen learn from writing models that highlight good first-year writing and instructor expectations. Furthermore, more than 80 percent of students surveyed said they found Stylus to be a valuable tool in understanding the writing process, an important goal of first year composition. Through the years, over 1,200 students have submitted their work to Stylus, offering support for the notion that the potential of getting published helps to motivate students to work harder at their writing. 

Student Engagement

Stylus engages students in academic life in the following ways: 

  • Each year, more than 1,700 students engage in reading, writing, and discussing Stylus in their freshman composition (English 1130 and 1230) classrooms.
  • Writing Center student tutors work with the writers during the revision and editing process.
  • Each year, an average of 40 writers get published, many for the first time.
  • Stylus offers internship and paid work experiences for English professional writing majors. 

Features of the Book 

Stylus is comprised of the following features: 

  • 45-60 freshman student papers, ranging from personal narratives to complete research papers.
  • Course overviews for English 1130 and English 1230.
  • A handbook section featuring sample MLA and APA style papers, including margin annotations. 
  • Words of wisdom from previous first-year writers. 
  • A writing "process" section featuring multiple drafts of student papers. 
  • Guidance on plagiarism (and how to avoid it). 
  • A grammar diagnostic test for first-year college writers. 
  • Formatting instructions for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. 

Grants and Awards

  • UW-Platteville, Chancellor's Opportunity Grant, 2008
  • UW System, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant, 2010
  • UW-Platteville College of Liberal Arts and Education, Excellence in Teamwork Award, 2010
  • UW System President's Summit, 2011
  • UW System, Institute on Race and Ethnicity Grant, 2011

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