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University Tutoring Services (UTS) offers tutoring services that provide students with one-on-one or study group assistance in a wide variety of courses. A tutor can help solve problems, answer questions, review for tests, and explain concepts you didn’t understand. UTS will do its best to assign you to a one-on-one tutor. As an alternate resource, UTS may create group tutoring sessions based upon tutor availability. If there is no tutor available for your subject or scheduling needs, we will attempt to hire a tutor for you. However, there may be times when, despite our best efforts, we will not be able to accommodate your tutoring needs.

To request a tutor, please visit University Tutoring Services on the third floor of Brigham Hall to complete the intake process. During this time, UTS staff will discuss appropriate resources with you, review program policies and procedures, and review the tutor request form and contract. Tutees are expected to meet with their tutor on a weekly basis throughout the semester.  UTS staff will send an assignment e-mail as soon as they are able to meet your tutor request.

Tutors do not help with take-home tests or quizzes. Tutors will not do homework for students.  Peer tutoring can only be used as supplemental assistance to understand content already covered in class.  Tutors do not teach new materials a student missed from being absent in a class.

The cost of tutoring is $1.50 per hour.

Tutee Procedures

UNIVERSITY TUTORING SERVICES (UTS) offers tutoring services that provide students enrolled at UW-Platteville with one-on-one or study group assistance in a wide variety of courses. A tutor can help solve problems, answer questions, review for tests, and explain course concepts. UTS will do its best to assign you to a one-on-one tutor. However, there may be times when, despite our efforts, we may not be able to accommodate your tutoring request.

Please read the following policies before completing the Tutor Request Form:

SESSION TIME  You are required to meet with your tutor on a weekly basis for up to 2 hours. Sessions shall last at least 30 minutes. UTS highly recommends establishing a regular tutoring schedule. Your tutor will be reassigned if you fail to meet with him/her on a weekly basis.

RESPONSIBILITY  Once you have been assigned a tutor, UTS staff will email you with your tutor’s contact information. It is your responsibility to contact your tutor within two days of receiving your tutor’s contact information in order to schedule your first meeting. If the tutor does not respond within 2 days, contact UTS. In the initial contact, it is a good idea to provide times of availability for your tutor.

ATTENDANCE POLICY  If you cannot keep a tutoring appointment, you must notify your tutor at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled session. Likewise, if you are going to be late, please contact your tutor. Your tutor is only required to wait 15 minutes for you, after which time you will be charged for a “NO SHOW.” If you miss 2 appointments without notifying your tutor (2 “NO SHOWS”) and/or have repeated cancellations, your tutor request may be canceled.

LOCATION  The first tutoring session is to take place in the Oasis (320 Brigham Hall). Future sessions can be held in the Oasis or at other public areas on campus (NO individual Residence Hall rooms).

PREPARING FOR TUTORING  Do  your class assignment BEFORE coming to tutoring appointments. Please be punctual and come prepared with all materials (pencil/pen, paper, syllabus, handouts, textbooks, calculator, etc.) and specific questions for your tutor. Tutors will NOT do or correct your homework.

BILLING  Tutees are charged $1.50 an hour for tutoring services. Statements are sent via campus email at mid and end of the semester. Payments must be made at the UTS office. Outstanding balances (after completion of current semester) will result in a “hold” on your UW-Platteville account.

CONTACT  Contact UTS staff with questions, concerns, or if you wish to cancel your tutor request.

"Thank you for helping me improve my GPA and better myself.  This service is a great resource.  I was embarrassed the first time I came in to ask for help, but quickly realized this service is extremely useful!  So thank you!"

Tutee Survey Comment, Spring 2013

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WATR-UTS: Updates

UTS Updates


Continuously hiring tutors for math,engineering, chemistry and physics courses.   Check out the full list here! If you are interested, please call 608.342.1615 to make an appointment with the Tutoring Coordinator.

University Tutoring Services Newsletter
Check out our Fall 2014 newsletter, which includes tips for staying motivated and mastering time management!

UTS Drop-in Tutoring

UTS Drop-in Tutoring

FALL 2015
Spanish Tutoring 1840, 1940, 2840 and 2940
214 Warner Hall
Mondays 1:00pm-2:00pm
Tuesdays 3:00pm-4:00pm
Wednesdays 2:00pm-3:00pm


Oasis Hours

Spring 2015
Location:  Oasis - 320 Brigham Hall
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Tutoring sessions are scheduled by the tutor and tutee at a time and location that are convenient to both parties. On-site facilities are available for tutoring until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and until 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

WATR-UTS: Contact Information

UTS Contact Information

University Tutoring Services
314 Brigham Hall
Tel: 608.342.1615

To request disability accommodations, please contact Tami Boebel at 608.342.1615.

Tami Boebel
Tutoring Coordinator
Tel: 608.342.1615

Diane Paynter
Program Assistant
Tel:  608.342.1615

Karen McLeer
Director of Retention Initiatives & Academic Success
Tel: 608.342.1615

University Tutoring Services typically employs 60 to 90 student employees per semester.

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