Chancellor Dennis J.Shields

Mittie J.A. Nimocks - Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Arthur Ranney - Special Assistant to the Provost

Rob Cramer, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Christina Curras - Special Assistant to Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Services

Dennis Cooley - Assistant Chancellor for Advancement/Development

Holly Clendenen - Director, University Development

David Van Buren - Associate Vice Chancellor/Dean, Graduate Studies

Joanne Wilson - Interim Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs

Paul Erickson - Director, Information & Communications

Angela Udelhofen - Assistant Chancellor Admission & Enrollment Services

Laura Anderson - Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Education

Wayne Weber - Interim Dean, College of Business, Industry, Life Science & Agriculture

Bill Hudson - Dean, College of Engineering, Mathematics & Science

Jeanne Durr - Director, Human Resources