Online Journal Volume II

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College of Business, Industry, Life Science, and Agriculture (BILSA)

Comparison of Hormel Amino Acid Premix with Hormel 543NL Swine Premix

By: Megan Guenther, advisor - Ms. Alicia Prill-Adams

College of Engineering, Mathematics, & Science (EMS)

Reducing Water Pollution from Marine Engines Through Use of a Bilge Effluent Filter

By: Ryan Bonell, advisor - Dr. Philip Parker  

Analysis of a Set of Selectively Screened Apoptotic Related Genes in a SEB Induced Human PBMC Module

By: Emily Freehauf, advisor - Dr. Chanaka Mendis

Effects of Triplen-Harmonic Distortion and other Electrical Stresses on an INSTEON Power Line Communications Network

By: Anthony Gregerson, advisor - Dr. Gang Feng

Genetic Fingerprinting of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B

By: Mark Hiner, advisor - Dr. Chanaka Mendis

Comparison of the Genetic Profiles of SEB and LPS in Human PBMCs

By: Mark Hiner and Rachael Lehr - Dr. Chanaka Mendis

Life Cycle Assessment of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Heating System

By: James Lynch, advisor - Dr. Philip Parker

College of Liberal Arts and Education (LAE)

Luminescence Dating of a Mammoth Molar from the Denver Colorado Area

By: Aaron Young, advisor - Dr. J. Elmo Rawling III

Special Topics:

The Human Debris Found at Ipswich Prairie

By: Erica Boatman and Ben Imoehl, advisor - Dr. Rhea Presiado    

A Study of the Abundance, Distribution, and Species of Trees at Ipswich Prairie

By: Derek Lancour, David Fuller and Calen Wirth, advisor - Dr. Rhea Presiado

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