The following guidelines apply to overnight University sponsored trips. For the purposes of this document, A university sponsored trips are defined as trips which have been initiated and sponsored by university faculty and/or academic staff and the faculty/staff member leads the student(s) on the trip. Such trips are limited to UW-Platteville students and faculty and academic staff.

Trip Guidelines

  1. No later than two weeks prior to leaving on the trip, the faculty/staff trip leader will provide in writing the following information to each student and to the faculty/staff's chair/supervisor. In addition, a copy of the itinerary including phone numbers for hotels and campgrounds must be left with the office of the University Police.
  2. No later than three days prior to leaving on an overnight trip, the faculty/staff must provide the chair/supervisor with the following:
  3. No later than three days prior to leaving on an overnight trip the students and faculty/staff must complete the Medical Information Forms (see attachment). The faculty/staff is responsible for collecting all completed Medical Information Forms and taking them on the trip in case of a medical emergency. The trips participants may submit the Medical Information Forms in a sealed envelope with their name listed on the envelope.
  4. It is extremely important that the information provided on the Medical Information Forms be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and thus should be seen only by the faculty/staff. However, it is possible that a medical emergency could arise in which the faculty/staff is incapacitated or unavailable. As a result, another trip participant must be aware of the location of the Medical Information Forms. No later than one week after the trip is over, the medical forms must be returned to each trip participant. If this is not possible, or if the participant does not wish to receive the form, then the faculty/staff must immediately destroy the forms.
  5. Students must have input on food selection and arrangements for the trip.
  6. Students must be notified that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated on the trip. Inappropriate behavior will be dealt with following university policies and procedures. Legal guidelines must be followed in all circumstances including but not limited to: Every field trip must be regarded as a professional activity conducted off campus and professional/appropriate behavior is expected by all who participate in the trip.
  7. If a student on a trip is unable to participate in a trip activity, the faculty/staff must make alternative arrangements for the student.
  8. The field trip is not over until everyone is back on campus or back to the point of origin. Exceptions can be made if students (who are over 18 and thus legally adults) formally sign themselves out of the trip with the permission of the faculty/staff.
  9. Should emergency situations arise, the faculty/staff must contact the chair/supervisor immediately regarding the changes in the itinerary and the students must be made aware of the change in plans.
  10. All drivers of university vehicles must be approved in advance by the University Motor Pool.
  11. Upon completion of the trip, the faculty/staff must submit a post-trip report to the chair/supervisor to report:
    1. any incidents of note (accident, injury, illness, discipline, etc)
    2. an accounting of student fees collected/expended and whether any refunds or additional charges are being made.
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Required Forms

View the online Medical Information and Overnight Trip Release form (.pdf).