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Chapter UWS 22 Accommodation of Religious Beliefs

Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures

Food Serving/Selling Policy

Any organization or group which wishes to sell and/or serve food on the UW-Platteville campus more than three times a year must have a food handler's permit, and abide by health regulations established by the State of Wisconsin. Organizations/groups need to register with the Pioneer Involvement Center, Pioneer Student Center prior to selling/serving food on campus.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. Who can sell/serve food?

    Any recognized group/organization/department or college affiliated with UW-Platteville.

  2. What food items require a permit?

    Food items which are classified as potentially hazardous may only be sold through the use of a food permit. "Potentially hazardous food" means any food that consists in whole or in part of milk or milk products, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, edible crustacea, or other ingredients, including synthetic ingredients, in a form capable of supporting rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms. "Potentially hazardous food" does not include foods which have a pH level of 4.6 or below or a water activity (aw) value of 0.85 or less. (Wisconsin Administrative Code, Department of Health and Social Services , Chapter HSS 196, Restaurants, Section 196.03 Definitions, page 865, Register, March 1994, No. 459)

  3. What is the cost of a food permit?

    The staff in the Pioneer Involvement Center should be able to provide this information.

  4. What types of events need to follow these regulations?

    Any event where food is being sold or served to the general public or campus community.

  5. What steps does an organization/group follow to sell/serve food?

    All organizations/groups need to register with the Pioneer Involvement Center, Pioneer Student Center 342-1075, prior to selling/serving food on campus.
  6. What if our event is not a fundraiser?

    All events involving the serving/selling of food must be registered with the Pioneer Involvement Center, Pioneer Student Center by following the above mentioned steps.

  7. What state health regulations does our organization need to follow?

    Please refer to a copy of the state regulations, available from the Pioneer Involvement Center, Pioneer Student Center.
    Individuals must use proper hand washing and food handling procedures. Organizational members should also have the knowledge to prepare, serve, and store products at the correct temperature.

  8. Does our organization need a food permit to sell/serve food on campus?

    Organizations may serve/sell food on campus up to 3 times within a twelve month period without having to apply for a food permit. Simply follow the steps mentioned above for approval. Organizations/groups who plan to sell/serve food four or more times within a twelve month period need to secure a food permit. In order to receive a permit from the Health Department, the organization applying needs a base operation where they store supplies and wash utensils. This area may be inspected by the State Health Food Inspector, and there may be an inspection fee.

  9. Where do I obtain a food permit?

    Food permits may be obtained by contacting the State Health Food Inspector. The staff in the Pioneer Involvement Center should be able to provide this information.

  10. What are the areas on campus where food sale/distribution is not permitted?

    No food is permitted to be sold or distributed within 100 feet of the Pioneer Student Center, Glenview Com- mons, and the Table of Contents Cafe in Karrmann Library. This includes inside as well as outside of these buildings. Exceptions can be made by submitting a written request to the Pioneer Involvement Center, Pioneer Student Center. Copies of the University policy and state regulations may be obtained from the office of the Pioneer Involvement Center, Pioneer Student Center.

Fund-Raising Coordination Policy

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Foundation is the non-profit, tax-exempt public charity which serves as the private gift procurement division of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. All gifts in support of the university should be made through the UWP Foundation.

Moreover, any plans to solicit support for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in the form of gifts, bequests, and financial or other contributions from alumni, friends, foundations, and businesses and industries, should first be submitted to the Division of University Advancement for review, coordination, and counsel. Such plans include, but are not limited to, the following: annual appeals, booster club memberships, special and major gifts, scholarships, capital campaigns, and planned gifts.

The Division of University Advancement will also provide counsel and coordination in the solicitation and administration of volunteer involvement in fund-raising activities in order to avoid duplication of efforts.

In addition, any plans to solicit financial support or in-kind gifts for student programs or to conduct fund-raising activities for student organizations must first receive approval from the Pioneer Involvement Center. This applies to solicitations from alumni*, friends, foundations, and businesses and industries and includes raffles, the sale of products and services, and similar fund-raising activities. Plans approved at this level must then be submitted to the Division of University Advancement, as stipulated above.

The Division of University Advancement will first determine if the project involves fund-raising activities off-campus and/or if the project involves directly asking for funds or products from individuals or businesses. If either of these criteria applies, then the project will be reviewed further for its appropriateness, its coordination with university projects, its compliance with state and federal requirements, and its potential impact on public relations.

Furthermore, the UW-Platteville Foundation holds the only license for raffles on campus, and all organizations' raffles must be approved by and conducted through the Foundation.

If the Division of University Advancement denies a project, the staff will be available to work with the organization to find an alternative fund-raising project that will achieve an equal result.

Also, the Office of the Chancellor must review all proposed requests which commit present or future university resources.

Questions concerning this policy may be directed to the Assistant Chancellor for University Advancement, first floor, Ullsvik Center, phone 342-1182.

*Many organizations, particularly fraternities and sororities, conduct alumni fund-raising projects using names and addresses received from their organizations' national offices. Obviously, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has no role in these projects' therefore, this policy does not apply to fund-raising projects involving alumni lists provided by national offices.


Wisconsin State Statute, 948.51 Hazing
  1. In this section "forced activity" means any activity which is a condition of initiation or admission into or affiliation with an organization, regardless of a student's willingness to participate in the activity.

  2. No person may intentionally or recklessly engage in acts which endanger the physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission into or affiliation with any organization operating in connection with a school, college or university. Under those circumstances, prohibited acts may include any brutality of a physical nature, such as whipping, beating, branding, forced consumption of any food, liquor, drug or other substance, forced confinement or any other forced activity which endangers the physical health or safety of the student.

  3. Whoever violates sub. (2) is guilty of:
    1. A Class A misdemeanor if the act results in or is likely to result in bodily harm to another.
    2. A Class E felony if the act results in great bodily harm or death to another.

    History: 1983 a. 356; 1987 a. 332 s. 32; Stats. 1987 s. 948.51.
    Individuals with questions about hazing should contact the Greek Affairs Coordinator (Pioneer Involvement Center, Pioneer Student Center, 342-1488) or the Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs (first floor Brigham Hall, 342-1854).

Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Individuals

Smoking Policy

Please visit the University of Wisconsin - Platteville policy on Clean Air & Smoking.