The UW-Platteville Greenway: a comprehensive restoration and management plan

Executive Summary

Since 1967 the UW-Platteville greenway, the stream corridor running from Chestnut Street to the City of Platteville water treatment plant, has been designated for the joint purposes of serving both the campus and the general public for education, research, conservation, and recreation. The general goals are to enhance educational programming and recreational opportunities.

The Greenway comprehensive restoration and management plan is based on the multiple use-concept. Multiple uses such as recreation, research, education, and conservation present formidable challenges to the planner and land manager because these uses are not always compatible. The UW-Platteville greenway plan is a science-based approach for meeting the requirements of these potentially conflicting uses.

The area is replete with interesting and rare natural resources in variable states of ecological health. Recent efforts have restored a few areas to better health and vitality. The Greenway resources, when in a healthy condition, are more able to fulfill the designated goals of educational programming and recreational opportunities. An example of recreation and education coming together in the campus Greenway is the Rountree Prairie. There is no more beautiful cross country running course than the loop that circles the Rountree Prairie, which was restored through the good efforts of university and community members working side-by-side.

Clearly, the UW-Platteville has the internal capacity as well as the external support of the community to restore the Greenway in its entirety using ecological restoration principles and methods. The restoration process itself engages the university faculty, staff, students, and the greater community in conserving the Greenway for present and future educational programming, research, and recreational use.

The campus Greenway has the diversity of natural habitats characteristic of the Driftless Area, which range from prairie and woodland to wetlands and a trout stream. Such an outstanding combination of resources is not prevalent on most campuses anywhere else in the nation. In fulfilling the goals of the Greenway, UW-Platteville is seizing the opportunity to help restore and preserve southwest Wisconsin's natural heritage, especially savanna, which is among the rarest plant community types in the world.