Article II

It is the primary responsibility of the Committee for Elections and Appointments to coordinate the election and appointment of members of the academic staff to the Academic Staff Senate and to the standing bodies as well as to any ad hoc committees established by the Academic Staff Senate.

Within this charge, the specific duties are:
  1. To develop and recommend to the Academic Staff Senate the procedures utilized for all elections and appointments within the academic staff.
  2. To consult with the Director of Human Resources and the Academic Staff Senate to maintain an accurate listing of all academic staff and to differentiate those eligible to vote in elections and to identify those eligible to hold seats on the Senate or its bodies. Note: Please refer to Part I, Article III, Section 6.
  3. To hear any charges of election irregularities and to forward its findings to the Academic Staff Senate with a recommendation.
  4. To publicize to the members of the academic staff the opportunities for election to the Senate or for service upon its standing bodies; to promote participation by the members of the academic staff in their governance system; to fill vacancies within the academic staff governance system and to prepare the ballots for elections.
  5. To submit a report to the Senate on a semester basis concerning the activities of the Elections and Appointments Committee. The Elections and Appointments Committee shall present an Annual Report to the Academic Senate at the senate's last meeting in May.

The membership of this body shall be four at-large members of the academic staff and one rep-resentative from the Academic Staff Senate. The Academic Senate represenative is a voting member of this standing body.