Campus Planning Commission

Purpose and Duties:

  1. Periodically reviews and, in consultation with the Academic Planning Council, proposes revisions in the Master Development Plan or any subset of that plan including, but not limited to, Physical Development Plan, Long Range Maintenance Plan, Campus Major Projects List, Planning Issues list in Priority Order and All Agency Project Request Index.
  2. Consistent with the Plan, solicits, evaluates, and coordinates input from campus governance groups and originates recommendations with regard to campus facilities and/or improvement projects.
  3. Reviews campus environmental development, the environmental assessment of proposed projects, and related activities in collaboration with the Environmental Impact Committee.
  4. Reviews campus safety and security projects, policies, and procedures in consultation with the UWP Administrative Safety and Security Committee.
  5. In consultation with the University Senates, recommends to the Chancellor appropriate names for buildings and areas.

Composition of Commission: