Rank, Salary & Tenure Policy Commission

Purpose and Duties

  1. Evaluated and coordinates the policies of the college RST committees in a manner consistent with Faculty Senate and Board of Regents policies and procedures.
  2. Develops and recommends for Faculty Senate adoption overall RST procedures.
  3. Consults with the Academic Planning Council in areas where academics and budgetary priorities and policies relate to questions of rank, salary, and tenure.
  4. Sets the general policy guidelines and procedural standards (in addition to, and in conformity with, the RST procedures set fourth in the local Personnel Rules and Procedures-Bylaws, Part III) that will serve to guide the college RST committees in their work, and assure that the college committees are informed about them and carry them out.
  5. Establishes the procedures according to which the resources for merit awards and inequity adjustments shall be made available to the college RST committees, and monitors the standards and guidelines by which the college RST committees shall make those awards and adjustments.
  6. Conducts the faculty evaluations of the deans, provost, and chancellor. Summarizes the evaluations and provides a copy of the summary to the administrator.
  7. Consults with the Provost and the Equal Employment Opportunity officer when necessary.

Composition of Commission