Updated December 2008

Class Cancellation and Campus Closure Policy Document

In the event that class cancellation or campus closure becomes necessary due to campus emergencies or other events, including inclement weather, that jeopardize the health, personal safety, travel safety, or security of the students and/or employees at UWP, the following policy and procedures shall be followed by all members of the university community (Administration, Faculty, Academic Staff, Classified Staff, LTE's, and Students).

1. Authority:

1.1 Class Cancellation or Campus Closure:

The State of Wisconsin has delegated authority to the UW-System for decisions concerning the cancellation of classes or the closure of campuses to the public due to inclement weather. At UW-Platteville, the Chancellor's office shall determine whether or not to cancel classes. In the absence of the Chancellor, the next authority in the University's chain of command shall have the responsibility for taking this action. The Chancellor's office also determines, in consultation with UW-System Administration, whether or not to close the campus to the public. Only the Governor has the authority to close state offices, including University offices.

1.2 Pioneer Farm:

Special consideration must be given to the off campus status of the Pioneer Farm. Hazardous conditions (i.e. travel safety) at the Pioneer farm may require on-site classes, labs, or other activities to be cancelled while the main campus (within the City of Platteville) remains in full operation. The academic department and/or program heads, in consultation with the farm faculty and staff, will be responsible for the decision to postpone and reschedule activities at the farm. If activities are postponed at the farm, the Chancellor's office will be notified via email with a copy to the Provost, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, and Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs.


2. Notification:

2.1. Announcement:

The Chancellor will promptly notify the Public Information Officer (PIO) and the chief of Campus Police once a decision is made to cancel classes or close the campus to the public. Once the directive from the Chancellor's office is issued, the following methods will be used to notify the campus and Platteville communities:

2.2. Campus Emergency Announcement System.

2.3. Phone: Notification shall be made by phone to the Pioneer Farm.

2.4. Electronic formats: 2.5. Media Outlets:


3. Command Center:

3.1. The Chancellor's office shall serve as a central information center to gather and disseminate information.
3.2. The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services office shall serve as the backup information center.


4. University Operations:

4.1 Employee Responsibilities:

If classes are cancelled, or if the campus is closed to the public, employees are nonetheless expected to report for work as usual. Unclassified personnel policies govern the treatment of faculty and academic staff in the event severe weather causes the disruption or cancellation of work. The effect of closure on classified staff is governed by state collective bargaining agreement and Civil Service laws.

4.2 Essential Operations:

Specific areas of campus operation will need to continue even in the event of class cancellation, campus closure, or other campus emergency. The areas of operation and the personnel needed to ensure continued service necessary for critical University functions include the following areas:

4.3 Essential Personnel:

Positions and personnel required to perform the duties and operations under 4.2 shall be identified by each department or program area. Specific emergency and continuity of operations plans may identify additional essential areas of operations and personnel.

4.4 Activity and Event Cancellation:

In the event of class cancellation, campus closure or other campus emergency, all events and activities of an academic, extra-curricular, or non-essential nature may be cancelled, postponed, and rescheduled by the sponsoring program.

4.5 Programs, Activities, and Personnel:

Departments may wish to continue to hold open gym hours, recreational activities for students, residence hall meetings, senior recital practice or faculty group practice in the CFA.


5. Travel:

In the event that hazardous or unsafe travel conditions in the surrounding area or region contributes to the cancellation of classes or campus closure, all University related travel involving faculty, staff, or students may be cancelled, postponed, and re-scheduled by the sponsoring program.