Chapter XIII

13.01 Outside Activities Rules and procedures governing outside activities are intended to insure devotion to service, teaching, research activities, and all normal university responsibilities on the part of members of the academic staff, while permitting their broad participation in public service or endeavors related to their fields of professional interest.

13.02 Definition Outside activities are those activities and interests related to their areas of professional responsibility which the staff members are engaged in during their employment by UW-Platteville. Those are reportable under UWS 8.025 on the UWS form entitled Faculty and Academic Staff Report on Outside Activities and Interests.

13.03 Reporting of Outside Activities A member of the academic staff shall report outside activities in writing to his/her supervisor. This report shall include the nature of the activities and the estimated time required.

13.04 Improper or Excessive Outside Activities

  1. The dean (administrator) shall notify in writing any member of the academic staff whose outside activities are deemed by him/her, after consultation with his/her supervisor, to be excessive or improper.
  2. A member of the academic staff whose outside activities are judged by the dean (administrator) to be excessive or improper may appeal the dean's (administrator's) decision to the Personnel Commission. After reviewing the appeal, the Personnel Commission shall make its recommendation to the chancellor.

13.05 Absences When an academic staff member is absent from regular duties due to outside activities, permission must be obtained from his/her supervisor.

13.06 University Facilities University facilities may be used by academic staff members under policies approved by the Board of Regents and approved by the appropriate department head, dean, or administrator consistent with UWS 21.