The following material consists of the sections of the Wisconsin Administrative Code which are applicable to unclassified personnel (faculty and academic staff) and their relations with students within the University of Wisconsin System. When the code calls for a particular campus implementation, the UWP rule or procedure is in boldface and identified as UWP. Each UW-Platteville rule or procedure is followed by a reference to its source in the Faculty Constitution and Bylaws or Academic Staff Constitution and Bylaws as printed elsewhere in this handbook.

UWS 1 Definitions of Terms Used in UWS 1 to UWS 6 UWS 2 Faculty Rules; Coverage and Delegation UWS 3 Faculty Appointments UWS 4 Procedures for Dismissal UWS 5 Layoff and Termination for Reasons of Financial Emergency UWS 6 Complaints and Grievances UWS 7 Dismissal of Faculty in Special Cases UWS 8 Unclassified Staff Code of Ethics UWS 9 Academic Staff Rules: Coverage and Delegation UWS 10 Academic Staff Appointments UWS 11 Dismissal of Academic Staff for Cause UWS 12 Layoff of Academic Staff for Reasons of Budget or Program UWS 13 Complaints and Grievances UWS 14 Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures UWS 17 Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures UWS 21 Use of University Facilities UWS 22 Accommodation of Religious Beliefs