University Academic Budget Commission

Purpose and Duties

  1. Apportions available budgetary resources in support of academic programs in accordance with Academic Planning Council priorities approved by the Chancellor and Senates.
  2. Analyzes and evaluates proposals from College budget committees and fiscal agents and formulates and recommends to the Chancellor an apportionment plan for the funds designated for supplies, capital, and travel.
  3. Determines allocation of all student employment funds except segregated funds.
  4. Upon request, acts as an appeal body when the members of a student service board cannot agree on a basic budgetary matter concerning the student services area for which the board is responsible.
  5. Chooses from among its members a representative to serve on the Academic Planning Council.
  6. Advises the Academic Planning Council as appropriate concerning budgetary policies and priorities relating to supplies, capital, travel, and the facilities management.
  7. Sets appropriate procedural standards for all budget committees or fiscal agents under its jurisdiction.

Composition of Commission