Article IV

The Professional Development Committee of the academic staff will be responsible for encouraging the continuing professional development of the academic staff and to make recommendations to the Academic Staff Senate.

Specifically, the Professional Development Committee shall:
  1. Administer all academic staff professional development programs. This will include:
    1. Distribution of proposal information to members of the academic staff, including guidelines for writing proposals, deadlines for submitting proposals, and explanation of funding, objectives, eligibility and evaluation procedures utilized in these programs.
    2. Evaluation of submitted proposals and submission of recommendations to the Academic Staff Senate.
    3. Evaluation of these programs as needed.
    4. The Professional Development Committee will submit an Annual Report concerning its activities to the Academic Senate at the senate's last meeting in May.
  2. Promote the general professional development and welfare of the academic staff including:
    1. Serving as liaison to the UWP office of Public Relations regarding press releases when a member of the academic staff has received noteworthy professional recognition.
    2. Publicizing accomplishments of individual academic staff within the University through the Intercom and/or Exponent.
    3. Publicizing professionally related events, programs and conferences which may be of interest to individual members of the academic staff and the encouraging of participation when appropriate.
    4. As feasible, arrange for professional development activities on campus for various academic staff areas.

The membership of this body shall be four at-large members of the academic staff plus one representative from the Academic Staff Senate. The Academic Senate representative to this standing body is a voting member.