Assessment Oversight Committee

Purpose and Duties

The Assessment Oversight Committee (AOC) was established as a university-level committee as a recommendation of UWP's Plan for Assessment of Student Academic Achievement (1995).


The broad duties of the AOC are to work closely with the Provost, Academic Planning Council, Graduate Council, the University Undergraduate Curriculum Commission, and Student Affairs Leadership Team in assisting, coordinating, evaluating, and overseeing the various efforts to assess student learning done by departments, programs, general education, and student services. Specifically, the AOC:

  1. disseminates assessment information and serves as a resource to academic and administrative units regarding assessment issues;
  2. monitors on a continuing basis the assessment of general education; reviews assessment updates from each of the departments and programs, scheduled to fall half-way between the APC reviews of said departments and programs;
  3. makes recommendations for funding assessment activities;
  4. submit an annual report to the Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Senate, Student Affairs, and Chancellor's Cabinet.


  1. six (6) faculty, two from each college, elected by the college for three-year terms;
  2. one faculty representative from each of the following bodies: Faculty Senate, Academic Planning Council, and University Undergraduate Curriculum Commission;
  3. one student;
  4. one representative of student affairs;
  5. Vice-chancellor (ex officio);
  6. Director of General Education (ex officio).