Chapter IX

9.01 Dismissals The procedures for dismissal for cause are set forth in UWS 11. The hearing body charged with hearing dismissal cases mandated in UWS 11.03 shall be the Academic Staff Personnel Commission.

9.02 Dismissal for Cause - Fixed Term or Probationary Academic Staff A member of the academic staff holding a probationary appointment or a member of the academic staff holding a fixed term appointment, who has served the university for an initial period of up to two (2) months, may be dismissed prior to the end of the contract term only for just cause or for reasons of budget or program under UWS 12. A nonrenewal of such appointment is not a dismissal under this section. A dismissal shall not become effective until the individual concerned has received a written notification of specific charges and has been offered an opportunity for a hearing before the appropriate dean, director, or designee. Procedures for dismissal for cause for fixed term or probationary academic staff appointments shall be pursuant to UWS 11.11.

9.03 Dismissal for Cause - Instructional Academic Staff Dismissal for cause of a member of the academic staff having 51% or more teaching responsibilities and holding a probationary or fixed term appointment shall be pursuant to UWS 11.11.