Authorization to Cancel Classes or Close the Campus

The State of Wisconsin has delegated authority to the UW System for decisions concerning the cancellation of classes or the closing of campuses to the public due to inclement weather. At UW-Platteville, the Chancellor determines whether or not to cancel classes. The Chancellor also determines, in consultation with UW-System Administration, whether or not to close the campus to the public. Only the Governor has the authority to close state offices, including University offices.

Decision Criteria

All classes or other operations of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville will continue as scheduled regardless of any winter weather conditions unless the City of Platteville declares a state of emergency and restricts travel on its streets to emergency traffic only. Students are expected to attend classes whenever possible within reasonable limits of safety.

Responsibility of Employees to Report for Work

If classes are cancelled, or if the campus is closed to the public, employees are nonetheless expected to report for work as usual. If an employee is unable to report, he/she may make up the lost time or may elect to use vacation, personal holiday, compensatory time or leave without pay.

Announcements Concerning Cancellation or Closing

The Chancellor will promptly notify the Director of Information Services whenever a decision is made to cancel classes or close the campus to the public. In the absence of the Chancellor, the Provost has the responsibility for taking this action. Once notification is received, the following list will be contacted as early as possible:

News Media: Administration:

To prevent the unauthorized spreading of misinformation, a pre-arranged code word/phrase will be employed with faxes and telephone calls.

Under no circumstances should employees call the office orf residence of the Chancellor to determine whether classes are cancelled or the campus is closed to the public, nor should employees call news media for information.


Evening classes: Cancellation decisions are made in each College. The College Dean and Department Chair, in consultation with the faculty member, will make the decision to postpone and reschedule evening classes on campus as well as off campus. Classes will be rescheduled by the faculty member in conjunction with the students in the class. As soon as cancellation/postponement decisions are made, a message notifying the students can be received by calling a specified telephone number furnished by the instructor for emergency class information. (This telephone number will differ according to College and will be the number of the Dean's answering machine.)