Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Periodically reviews and, in consultation with the Academic Planning Council, proposes revisions in the Master Development Plan.
  2. Consistent with the Plan, originates, promotes, coordinates, and evaluates campus facilities and/or improvement projects.
  3. Coordinates campus environmental development, the environmental assessment of proposed projects, and related activities with the Environmental Impact Committee.
  4. Coordinates campus safety and security projects, policies, and procedures in consultation with the Safety and Security Committee.
  5. In consultation with the University Senates, recommends to the Chancellor appropriate names for buildings and areas.


Faculty: (six faculty, two from each college) (three-year term, no more than two consecutive terms)

Member: College: Term Expires:
Barbara Barnet (Chair) EMS Mathematics 2004
Chester Dziekanowski BILSA Biology 2005
Patrick Hagen LAE Humanities 2006
Marge Karsten BILSA Business & Accounting 2006
Thomas Nelson EMS Civil/Environmental Engineering 2004
Todd Stradford LAE Social Sciences 2005
Academic Staff: (three, chosen in a manner determined by the Academic Staff Senate)
Clyde Holverson
Kia Jorgenson-Hendrickson
Judy Wang
Students: (three, chosen in a manner determined by the Student Senate)
Laura Coppus
Alexander Moliere
Kristin Shimpack

Environment Impact Committee Chair:

Ex Officio: (non-voting)
Campus Planner: Doug Stephens
Campus Police Representative: Laurel Skrede
Auxiliary Services Representative: James Anderson
Physical Plant Representative: James Valaskey