University Library Committee

  1. Acts as an advisory group to the library director, librarians, University administration, and the University departments in matters of library policy and resource development. Studies the library relative to future planning.
  2. Reviews the library budget, including distribution of resources to the various areas of the library and the allocation of material funds to the University departments.
  3. Reviews library reports concerning accreditation of the university or its programs. Makes recommendations for resource allocations on program or accreditation reviews.


Faculty: (six faculty, two from each college)

Member: College:
Harold Evensen EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Deborah Gillespie LAE Humanities
Roxane Gunser BILSA Business & Accounting
Brian Peckham LAE Economics
Thomas Scanlan BILSA Comp. Sci./Software Engineering
Scott White (chair) BILSA Business &l Accounting
Academic Staff: (one)
Sharon Carns
Students: (two)
Luke Cahak
Danen Detloff
Ex Officio:
Director of Karrmann Library: John Krogman