Institutional Review Board For Human Subject Research

Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Reviews research proposals for projects involving human subjects. All projects, funded or unfunded, originated at or supported by UW-Platteville, that involve humans as subjects, or data or materials derived from humans, are subject to review. This includes all research involving UWP students, personnel, or facilities.
  2. Publishes the IRB Manual of Policies and Procedures which contains the protocol form and the procedures for submitting and reviewing proposals. This manual is reviewed annually and revised as needed.
  3. Helps faculty understand the federal regulations and prepare protocols.
  4. Coordinates findings with the Office of Sponsored Programs when the research involves extramural funding.
  5. Maintains a file of IRB documents for a period of at least three years as required by federal regulations.
  6. Drafts an assurance statement for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as needed.
  7. Appoints, prior to the fall semester, the community member(s) for a three year term in accordance with 45 CFR 46.107, Protection of Human Subject.


Faculty: (nine faculty with three-year staggered terms, and attention to gender equity in membership, including one faculty member from each college and one member of the Academic & Institutional Research Committee, with the recommendation that there be a member from Psychology and Industrial Engineering)

Member: College: Term Expires:
Barbara Barnet EMS Mathematics 2006
Dominic Barraclough LAE Education 2004
Jill Clough EMS Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 2006
Benjamin Collins EMS Mathematics 2004
Robert Conway BILSA Business & Accounting 2004
Bernie Harris BILSA Business & Accounting 2005
Mary Lenzi LAE Humanities 2006
Prathivadi Ravikumar EMS Mech. & Ind. Engineering 2005
Diane Zimmerman (chair) LAE Education 2005
Academic Staff: (one)
Sara Davis
Community Representative: (one appointed by the committee)
Father Murphy
Ex Officio: (non-voting)
Sponsored Programs Director: Kathryn Lomax