Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Develops and recommends to the Senate the procedures for all elections and appointments within the academic staff.
  2. Consults with the Director of Personnel and the Academic Staff Senate to maintain an accurate list of all academic staff and identifies those eligible to vote in academic staff elections and those eligible to serve on the senate and/or its bodies.
  3. Hears charges of election irregularities and forwards findings and recommendation(s) to the Senate.
  4. Publicizes vacancies on the Senate and its bodies to eligible members of the academic staff and promotes participation in the governance system. Prepares ballots and fills vacancies within the academic staff governance system.
  5. Provides a mechanism for each standing body of the Academic Staff Senate to submit a report to the Senate on a semester basis concerning the activities of that standing body.


Member: Area: Term Expires:
Kari Dreessens Suppost Services 2004
Katheryn Lomax (Chair) Administrative Services 2004
Charles Moore Support Services 2003
Brad Richardson, Senate Liaison Student Services 2005
Rita Rukashaza Administrative Services 2005