Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Represents and is responsible to the general faculty and is the highest forum for faculty participation in the formulation of general University missions, strategies, and policies.
  2. Reviews the work and acts upon the recommendations of the Academic Planning Council and reviews the work of the Student Affairs Council.
  3. Makes appointments and conducts elections as required by the Faculty Bylaws to maintain prescribed membership on the Senate and other organizations.
  4. Takes matters to the general faculty at regular or special meetings as required and appropriate.


Three members from each College and one from the Library:
Member: College: Term Expires:
Laura Anderson LAE Humanities 2005
John Berg (Secretary) Library Karrmann Library 2005
Elizabeth Frieders BILSA Biology 2005
Osama Jadaan EMS General Engineering 2006
Joe Lomax LAE Criminal Justice 2004
Abulkhair Masoom EMS General Engineering 2005
Lynn Schlager EMS Mech/Industrial Engineering 2004
Machelle Schroeder BILSA Business & Accounting 2006
Raymond Spoto LAE Humanities 2006
Wayne Weber BILSA Biology 2004

Six at-large members:

Member: College: Term Expires:
Shane Drefcinski (Vice Chair) LAE Humanities 2005
Mark Evenson (Chair) LAE Humanities 2005
Carmen Faymonville LAE Humanities 2004
Mohaninder Gill EMS Comp. Sc./Software Eng. 2006
Deborah Kinder LAE Humanities 2004
Art Ranney BILSA Communication Technologies Management 2006
Ex Officio (Non-voting)
Chancellor: David Markee
Vice Chancellor: Carol Sue Butts
Liason From Academic Staff Senate:
Vickie Dreessens
Liason from Student Senate:
Alan Halfen