Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Encourages the development of faculty research proposals.
  2. Encourages University personnel (faculty, academic staff, students) to initiate institutional research projects which involve the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of facts and figures which will aid in making decisions to help the University fulfill its mission.
  3. Serves as an advisory and resource body to assist University personnel in writing research proposals for projects which necessitate funding.
  4. Recommends research proposals for funding on the state or local level.
  5. Serves as a depository for institutional research projects and assists the Director of Institutional Research in the collections, dissemination, cataloging, and maintenance of institutional data files.


Faculty: (Minimum of six faculty, representation from each college)

Member: College:
Dominic Barraclough LAE Education
Yong Cho BILSA Industrial Studies
Gwen Coe LAE Humanities
Gang Feng EMS Electrical Engineering
Frank Igou BILSA Business & Accounting
Jonathan Musselman Library Karrmann Library
Samuel Owusu-Ababio EMS Civil & Environmental Engineering
Theron Parsons LAE Psychology
Regina Pauly Library Karrmann Library
J. Elmo Rawling LAE Social Sciences
Joan Riedle (chair) LAE Psychology
Steve Steiner EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Jason Thrun EMS Mathematics
Scott White BILSA Business & Accounting
Qi Yang EMS Computer Science & Software Engineering
Academic Staff Representatives:
Barbara Karrmann
Students:(two appointed by Student Senate)
Eric Schildgen
Monica Shantz
Ex Officio:
Sponsored Programs Director: Kathryn Lomax