Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Serves as a forum for the discussion of educational ideas and issues.
  2. Encourages each faculty member to evaluate and improve his/her teaching.
  3. Serves as a source of information on improvement of learning.
  4. Communicates suggestions for better learning procedures to faculty and students.
  5. Assists faculty in preparing teacher improvement grant proposals, sabbatical proposals, and faculty and retraining proposals.
  6. Serves as the campus faculty review body for proposals such as teacher improvement grants, sabbaticals, faculty development and retraining, faculty college, and other appropriate teaching improvement conferences.


Faculty: (minimum of thirteen, including Director of the Teaching Excellence Center, at least one but no more than six from each college)

Member: College:
Stephanie Branson LAE Humanities
Benjamin Collins EMS Mathematics
Timothy Deis EMS Mathematics
Gang Feng EMS Electrical Engineering
Elizabeth Frieders BILSA Biology
Rea Kirk LAE Education
Stephen Kleisath BILSA Business & Accounting
Carol Lange LAE Education
Tom Lo Guidice LAE Education
John McCaslin-Doyle (Chair) LAE Fine Arts
Sue Price BILSA Agriculture
Susan Riehl Library Karrmann Library
Nadar Safari-Shad EMS Electrical Engineering
George Smith BILSA Communication Technologies
Laura Wendorff LAE Humanities
Academic Staff: (one teaching)
Rebecca Gottlieb
Students: (five chosen by Student Senate)
Cassandra Bandow
Kim Dower
Amanda Halderson
Matt Lintvedt
Benjamin Reusser
Ex Officio:
Vice Chancellor: Carol Sue Butts