Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Develops policies and procedures to implement UWS 8 and UWS 21.
  2. Serves as a consultative body to unclassified employees of UWP on subjects related to UWS 8.
  3. Develops an annual report that summarizes consultative activities of the Ethics Committee and places it on file in the Chancellor's Office.


Faculty: (minimum of seven faculty)

Member: College:
John Berg Library Karrmann Library
Tamer Ceylan EMS Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Martha Drummond (chair) LAE Humanities
Harold Evensen EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
W. Doyle St. John EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Mesut Muslu EMS Electrical Engineering
Theron Parsons LAE Psychology
Academic Staff: (two)
Deb Kenny
Judy Wang