Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Hears any faculty member's appeal of a decision not to renew a probationary member's appointment, or to deny tenure at the completion of the maximum probationary period, made by a Department Review Body or College RST Committee, or by the University RST Commission, according to the appeal procedure set forth in the Bylaws.

  2. Acts as an appeal body on the request of any faculty or academic staff member against whom the Chancellor has filed charges which may lead to dismissal. In such circumstances, the Commission shall act as a hearing agent for the Board of Regents pursuant to Section 227.12 Wisconsin Statutes, and in accordance with all procedures set forth in UWS 4.

  3. Acts as an appeal body on the request of any faculty or academic staff member laid off because of financial emergency, in accordance with all of the procedures set forth
    in UWS 5.


Faculty: nine tenured faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate, three year term, nonconsecu- tive terms, no more than one member from any department, no current members of any RST body)

Member: College: Term Expires:
Max Anderson EMS Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006
Patricia Bromley LAE Psychology 2006
Martha Drummond LAE Humanities 2004
Daniel Fairchild LAE Fine Arts 2004
Mohaninder Gill EMS Comp.Sci./Software Eng. 2005
Kenneth Kilian BILSA Agriculture 2004
Abulkhair Masoom EMS General Engineering 2005
Louis Nzegwu BILSA Business & Accounting 2006
Thomas Waters LAE Social Sciences 2002

Alternates: (may serve consecutive terms)

Member: College: Term Expires:
Karen Allen LAE Fine Arts 2006
Mike Dalecki LAE Social Sciences 2005
Robert Fidrych BILSA Business & Accounting 2005
Stanislaw Lukowski EMS Mech. & Ind. Engineering 2005
William McBeth LAE Education 2006
Machelle Schroeder BILSA Business & Accounting 2005
Laura Wendorff LAE Humanities 2005