Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Reviews the admissions standards, observes trends and reports to the Faculty Senate based on curriculum and program analysis with respect to the mission of the university, and with respect to attrition.
  2. On a rotating basis, systematically reviews courses are meeting the overall goals set forth in the General Education Plan and reports it recommendations to the UUCC.


Faculty: (six faculty, two elected by each college, serving three-year staggered terms)

Member: College:
Elizabeth Frieders (chair) BILSA Biology
Elizabeth Gates LAE Psychology
Stephan Kleisath BILSA Business & Accounting
Mesut Muslu EMS Electrical & Software Engineering
Theron Parsons LAE Psychology
Steven Steiner EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Ex Officio:
Director of General Education:
Dean of Admissions & Enrollment Mgmt.: Angela Udelhofen
Associate Vice Chancellor: David Van Buren