Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

Informs the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar, and the Director of Admissions after:
  1. Taking action on unusual cases of admission which are questionable for academic or other reasons;
  2. Hearing appeals from students who question or want clarification on their admission or scholastic probationary status, or grades given by a faculty member;
  3. Reviewing applications for excessive credit loads of students.


Faculty: (minimum of seven, at least twho from each college)

Member: College:
Laura Anderson LAE Humanities
Patricia Bromley LAE Psychology
Christina Curras EMS Civil & Environmental Engineering
Elizabeth Gates LAE Psychology
Susan Hansen BILSA Business & Accounting
Michael Ira EMS Mathematics
Julie McDonald EMS Mathematics
Sue Price BILSA Agriculture
Sheryl Wills EMS Mathematics
Joanne Wilson (chair) EMS General Engineering
Ex Officio:
Registrar: Ed Deneen
Dean of Admissions & Enrollment Mgmt.: Angela Udelhofen