Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Reviews the Minority/Disadvantaged Annual Report.
  2. Oversees the development, review, revision, and implementation of the UWP Institutional Plan: Design for Diversity.
  3. Ensures that the activities of campus units comply with and enhance the goals of the Institutional Plan.
  4. Identifies and addresses problems faced by minorities within the University Community and acts as an advisory body to the minority/disadvantaged programs at UWP.


Faculty: (three faculty representatives with staggered three year terms appointed by the Faculty Senate upon recommendation of the Appointments and Elections Committee.)

Member: College: Term Expires:
Lang Wah Lee EMS Mech./Ind. Engineering 2005
Esther Ofulue BILSA Biology 2003
Kathleen Tigerman LAE Humanities 2004
Students: (two)
Tricia Shoemaker
Tinea Smith

Academic Staff: (two)
Rita Rukashaza

Ex Officio:
Coordinator of Multicultural Services: Carlos Wiley
Director of Ethnic Studies: Carl Allsup
Director of Women's Studies: Carmen Faymonville