Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Evaluates current student insurance plans and recommends to the Assistant Chancellor for Business Affairs and the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs any change in plans or benefits involving students.
  2. Recommends and reviews policies regarding fees for health services, staffing of the Health Center, and procedures in the Health Center.
  3. Publicizes the health services available and informs the University community about current health problems.
  4. Evaluates the effectiveness of the health services on campus.
  5. Promotes a wellness-oriented life style on campus.


Faculty: (six faculty, including one from department of Health and Physical Education)

Member: College:
Patricia Bromley LAE Psychology
Bernie Harris BILSA Business & Accounting
Deborah Kinder LAE Humanities
Colleen McCabe LAE Education
Kimberly Tuescher LAE Psychology
Judith Wurtzler Library Karrmann Library
Academic Staff:(one)
Sandra Spofford

Students: (three chosen by the Student Senate)
Jonathan Stevens

Ex Officio: (non-voting)
Campus Physician: Todd Riley
Director of the Pioneer Activity Center: Curt Fatzinger
Chair of the AIDS Task Force:
Student Services: Sandra Spofford
Office of Students with Disabilities: Rebecca Peters
Student Health Services: Vickie Dreessens
Student Assistance Program: Paul Krikau
Food Services: Deb Putnam