Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Determines the potential environmental impact of proposed projects received from the Campus Planning Office, on the campus, city, and region.
  2. Prepares an impact statement on each project, with recommendations to the director of space utilization and campus planning and to the Campus Planning Commission.
  3. Reviews, researches, and develops proposals as required by Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act (WEPA) and forwards recommendations to the Chancellor.
  4. Initiates the reviews and research of environmental concerns brought to the attention of the committee.


Faculty: (seven faculty)

Member: College:
Deborah Kinder LAE Education
Joong-Jae Lee EMS Mech. & Industrial Engineering
William McBeth LAE Education
Michael Penn EMS Civil & Environmental Engineering
Philip Parker EMS Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kristopher Wright BILSA Biology
Timothy Zauche EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Academic Staff: (two)
Larry Austin

Students: (two chosen by Student Senate)
Jonathan Stevens
Benjamin Wyman