Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

The Assessment Oversight Committee (AOC) was established as a university-level committee as a recommendation of UWP's Plan for Assessment of Student Academic Achievement (1995).
  1. Monitor various activities and procedures in implementing the university's Assessment Plan.
  2. Disseminate assessment information and facilitate improvement of programs, based on that information.
  3. Work closely with the Provost, Academic Planning Council, Undergraduate Curriculum Commission and Basic Skills Committee to ensure that the assessment program contributes to achievement of the mission and goals of the university.
  4. Develop and maintain a program for funding assessment activities among faculty (similar to Scholarly Activity Improvement Fund and Curricular Improvement Fund).
  5. Serve as a resource for administrative and academic units involved in assessment activities.


Faculty Senate Representatives; (two members, staggered two-year terms)

Member: Term Expires:
Peter Hadorn 2003
Teresa Burns 2004

Academic Planning Council Representative: (one member, two-year term)

Abulkhair Masoom 2003

University Budget Commission Representative: (one member, two-year term)

Mark Evenson 2004

Student Services Representative: (one member, two-year term)

Cheryl Nevins 2003

Undergraduate Curriculum Commission Representative: (one member, two-year term)

Barbara Barnet 2004

Student Senate Representative: (one member, one-year term)

Benjamin Reusser 2003

Appointed by the Provost: (One member, three-year term)

John Simonson 2004

Ex Officio: Provost

Provost, Carol Sue Butts  
Assessment Coordinator, David Boyles (chair)