Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Serves as a coordinating council on issues of sexual assault.
  2. Facilitates communication among those addressing the issues.
  3. Coordinates programs and serves and develops a comprehensive approach.
  4. Monitors incident reports, programming efforts, etc., and makes strategy and policy recommendations to UWP administration and governance groups.


Two faculty appointed by Faculty Senate for three-year nonconsecutive staggered terms.

Member: Term Expires:
Thomas Caywood 2003
Diane Zimmerman 2004

One student or staff representative appointed by Student Senate or Academic Staff Senate upon recommendation of each of the following:

Area: Member:
Campus Police Laurel Skrede
Health Services Vickie Dreessens
Counseling Services Sandra Spofford
Greek Council Vacant
Residence Halls Council Vacant
Student Housing Vacant
Public Information Dennis Cooley
Student Affairs Rebecca Peters
Academic Staff Sheila Trotter
Women's Center Patricia Foster
SAB Vacant
Student Senate Pamela Akins
Ex Officio: (non-voting)
Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action & Women's Services: Kathleen Kelley
Coordinator for Sexual Assault Services of Family Advocates: Dixie Clifton