Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Reviews and recommends to the Chancellor, Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Senate and Student Senate changes in UW-Platteville policies related to alcohol and other drugs.
  2. Supports and advises the Employee Assistant Program (EAP) and the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program, including the Student Assistance Program (SAP).
  3. Monitor campus advertising policies in regard to alcohol and other drugs in any campus publication or other media.
  4. Informs faculty, staff and students where to obtain help for themselves or others regarding problems related to alcohol and other drugs.
  5. Works with the commencement committee to establish a workable procedure for preventing problems with alcohol at graduation.
  6. Reviews referral procedures for students who have been involved in alcohol/drug related disciplinary problems.
  7. Evaluates and supports the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Drop-In Centers to ensure educational information will be available to students, faculty, and the community.
  8. Initiates the review of specific alcohol and other drug problems brought to the attention of the committee.


Faculty: (minimum of four faculty)

Member: College:
C. Daniel Dahlquist LAE Fine Arts
Jessica Donahoe Library Karrmann Library
Carmen Faymonville LAE Humanities
Deborah Kinder LAE Humanities
Steve Steiner EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Kim Tuescher LAE Education
Judith Wurtzler Library Karrmann Library
Academic Staff: (two)
Tom Stephens
Julia Davis

Students: (four appointed by Student Senate upon recommendation of Women's Council, Greek Inner Fraterity Council, Residence Hall Council, Student Senate)
Ty Martin
Jamie Williams

Classified Staff: (one)
Community Representative: (one appointed by Platteville Common Council)
Ex Officio:
Campus Police Representative: Jeff Wedige
Counseling Services Representative: Roger Meyer
Student Health Care Committee Representative:
EAP Coordinator: Richard Voelz
Student Assistance Program Coordinator:
Housing Services Representative: Rhonda Viney