Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

Informs the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar, and the Director of Admissions after:
  1. Taking action on unusual cases of admission which are questionable for academic or other reasons;
  2. Hearing appeals from students who question or want clarification on their admission or scholastic probationary status, or grades given by a faculty member;
  3. Reviewing applications for excessive credit loads of students.


Faculty: (minimum of seven, at least twho from each college)

Member: College:
Laura Anderson LAE Humanities
Robert Conway BILSA Business & Accounting
Mike Dalecki LAE Social Sciences
Elizabeth Gates LAE Psychology
Michael Ira EMS Mathematics
Julie McDonald EMS Mathematics
Sue Price BILSA Agriculture
John Vacca LAE Humanities
Sheryl Wills EMS Mathematics
Joanne Wilson EMS General Engineering

Ex Officio:
Registrar: Ed Deneen
Dean of Admissions & Enrollment Mgmt.: Richard Schumacher