Article VII

Section 1 Procedures

Department review bodies shall periodically review each faculty member under its jurisdiction for the purpose of identifying those faculty deserving of merit awards and/or inequity adjustments. The evaluations and recommendations shall be made in the light of the criteria, standards, and procedures identified in the Faculty Bylaws, Part II, Article VI, Section 4, a. Duties of Department Review Bodies. Such recommendations and supporting evidence shall be forwarded to the college RST committee for final faculty-level approval or disapproval, and each faculty member shall be informed promptly whether such a merit award or inequity adjustment has been recommended or not. The rules and procedures to be followed by the college RST committee are set forth in the Faculty Bylaws, Part II Article V, Section 3, a, Duties of College RST Committees.

Section 2 Salary Recommendations Concerning Department Chairs

Recommendations concerning the salary of department chairs shall originate with the department review body.

Section 3 Appeals

A faculty member aggrieved by an adverse decision on matters of salary may initiate the reconsideration procedures outlined in the Faculty Bylaws, Part III, Article VIII, Section 1.