Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Promotes equal opportunity for women students and employees, and ensures compliance with the UW System Equal Opportunities in Education and Equal Employment Opportunity Policies.
  2. Monitors policies, procedures, and programs as they relate to women students, faculty, academic staff, and classified staff and makes recommendations to the administration and governance groups.
  3. Serves as a coordinating council on issues which affect women at the University.


One representative appointed annually by the appropriate Senate upon recommendation of each of the following:

Member: Area:
Angela Udelhoven Academic Staff
Kathleen Tigerman Faculty Senate
- Greek Council
- Residence Halls Council
Pam Atkins Student Senate
Tammy Salmon Women in Science and Engineering
Mark Molesworth Intercollegiate Athletics
Cory Knutson Women's Center
Carmen Faymonville Women's Studies Program Council
- Classified Staff
- Affirmative Action Committee
- Sexual Assault Awareness Council
Ex Officio:
Assistant to the Chancellor for Equal Opportunity Programs & Women's Services:
Kathleen Kelley