Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Evaluates problems and suggests procedures for registration to the registrar.
  2. Solicits suggestions from students and faculty for improvement of registration procedures.


Faculty: (minimum of eight faculty, at least two from each college)

Member: College:
Joseph Clifton EMS Electrical & Software Engineering
Elizabeth Frieders BILSA Biology
Roxane Gunser BILSA Business & Accounting
Harvey Hensley EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Deborah Kinder LAE Education
Yong Yuan Li EMS Electrical & Software Engineering
John Nkemnji LAE Education
Esther Ofulue BILSA Biology
Susan Riehl Library Karrmann Library
Academic Staff: (one)
Priscilla Hahn
Students: (six chosen by Student Senate)
Brent Boorsma
Jeremiah Denee
Brent Gough
Kris Mondloch
Kristin Shimpach
Tricia Shoemaker
Ex Officio:
Registrar: Ed Deneen
Vice Chancellor: Carol Sue Butts