Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Advises the library director, librarians, University administration, and the University departments to make the library resources readily accessible to the university community.
  2. Reviews the library in developing the library budget, including the distribution of resources to the various areas of the library and the allocation of books to the University departments.
  3. Acts as an advisory group to the library director and the University administration in matters of policy and development of the library. Studies the library relative to future planning.
  4. Studies standards for university libraries and evaluates the library on this basis. Reviews library reports concerning accreditation of the university or its programs. Makes recommendations for resource allocations based upon library reports to programs and final accreditation reviews.
  5. Acts as an advisory group to the Operational Equipment Services staff in maters of policy development and budget review.


Faculty: (six faculty, two from each college)

Member: College:
Stephanie Branson LAE Humanities
Patricia Bromley LAE Psychology
Harold Evensen EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Lang Lee EMS Mech. & Industrial Engineering
Thomas Scanlan BILSA Comp. Sci. & Comm. Tech.
William Schilling BILSA Industrial Studies
Academic Staff: (one)
Fahmida Masoom
Students: (two)
Jeremiah Denee
Judy Williams
Ex Officio:
Director of Karrmann Library: Paul Moriarty