Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Develops and maintains a current list of applicable federal, state and system regulations. (Hazardous materials is not the same as Hazardous wastes under the law.)
  2. Establishes policy to ensure compliance with regulations governing hazardous wastes/ materials with respect to their effects on the health of individuals and on the environment.
  3. Establishes policies which will reduce liability to System, this campus, and individual instructors who deal with hazardous wastes/materials.
  4. Educates faculty and staff to ensure compliance with policies pertaining to hazardous wastes/materials.
  5. Surveys compliance with policies and recommends any need for enforcement to the Chancellor.


Faculty: minimum of six, including a representative from Chemistry and two other departments which handle hazardous wastes)

Member: College:
James Hamilton EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Peter Jenness LAE Fine Arts
Michael Penn EMS Civil & Environmental Engineering
Charles Sundin EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
vacant - -
vacant - -
Academic Staff: (two)
Clyde Holverson
Dennis Cooley
Students: (two chosen by Student Senate)
Jon Stevens
Jon Woolever
Community Representatives: (two; one appointed by the Platteville Common Council and one appointed by the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors)
Ed Faherty (Common Council)
Ex Officio:
Campus Safety Director: Dave Olson