Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Instructs the graduates and the faculty concerning procedures and academic attire.
  2. Selects and instructs the marshals.
  3. Arranges for the proper placement of the faculty, the graduates, and the Chancellor's party in the processional and recessional lines, including consideration for individuals with special needs.
  4. Makes physical and equipment arrangements for the commencement exercises, such as public address system, seating, ushers, musical accompaniment, and stage setting.
  5. Arranges for the printing and distribution of programs, invitations, and tickets.
  6. Recommends the commencement and valedictory speaker, a topic or theme, and appropriate music.


Faculty: (ten faculty, at least two from each college)

Member: College:
Laura Anderson (Chair) LAE Humanities
Swaminat Balachandran EMS Mech. & Ind. Engineering
Barbara Barnet EMS Mathematics
Daniel Fairchild LAE Fine Arts
Mohaninder Gill BILSA Comp. Sci. & Comm. Tech.
Joyce Miller EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Louis Nzegwu BILSA Business & Accounting
Anthony Thomas EMS Mathematics
Fredric Tufte EMS Mathematics
Sheryl Wills EMS Mathematics
Academic Staff: (two)
Dale Bernhardt
Barb Daus
Students: (four chosen by Student Senate)
Gabe Johnson
Kristin Shimpach
Matthew Shuelke
Dave Whittig
Ex Officio:
Chancellor: David Markee
Registrar: Ed Deneen
Physical Plant Rep.: Dave Langkamp