Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Recommends and reviews policies governing intercollegiate athletics of the University and exercises general oversight of the programs (excluding personnel matters), the facilities for those programs, and all other matters connected with the handling of athletic events.
  2. Promotes intercollegiate athletics by surveying needs, evaluating current programs, and making recommendations for the improvement and development of such programs and facilities.
  3. Monitors the status of equity in athletics to determine the progress in meeting equity goals.


Faculty: (six faculty, particular attention must be made to gender equity)

Member: College:
Steve Becker BILSA Business & Accounting
John Borke BILSA Business & Accounting
Howard Brooks BILSA Industrial Studies
Jessica Donahoe Library Karrmann Library
Julie McDonald EMS Mathematics
Jerry Oxenford BILSA Business & Accounting
Students: (four chosen by Student Senate)
Pam Atkins
Brandon Boelk
Ben Reusser
David Wittig
Alumnus: (one non-UWP faculty, appointed by the President of the UWP Alumni Assoc.)
Frank Pross
Academic Staff: (one)
Dan Griffiths
Ex Officio:
Dir. Of Intercollegiate Athletics (non-voting): Mark Molesworth
Assistant to the Chancellor for Student Affairs: Mick Viney
WIAC Faculty Rep. (voting): John Krogman
WIAC Rep. (voting): Lisa Riedle