Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Identifies problem areas relative to affirmative action and equal opportunity.
  2. Encourages the holding of special meetings as they are needed for the discussion of the affirmative action program's impact on policies and procedures.
  3. Recommends to the Faculty, Academic Staff and Student Senates and/or the Chancellor at appropriate times those actions which are necessary for the adequate implementation of the program.


Faculty: (approximately eight)

Member: College:
John Berg Library Karrmann Library
Elizabeth Frieders BILSA Biology
Marge Karsten BILSA Business & Accounting
Lang Wah Lee EMS Mech. & Ind. Engineering
Yuan Yong Li EMS Electrical & Software Engineering
Louis Nzegwu BILSA Business & Accounting
Joan Riedle LAE Psychology
Majid Tabrizi BILSA Industrial Studies
Karen Thomas EMS Mathematics
Jamir Uddin BILSA Business & Accounting
David Zierath LAE Social Sciences
Academic Staff: (two, 1 teaching and 1 non-teaching)
Teaching: Eugene Korb Non-Teaching: Maria Reese
Students: (two chosen by Student Senate)
Brandon Boelk
Tricia Shoemaker
Classified Staff: (one)
Ex Officio:
Assistant to the Chancellor on Affirmative Action and Women's Services: Kathleen Kelley