Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

The purpose of the Student Activities Board is to serve as the official campus-wide programming board. The SAB is responsible to the students of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to provide a variety of social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs. The primary goal of SAB is to organize programs in an ethical manner always keeping the students' best interest in mind. The SAB is responsible for programming student activities on campus and assumes authority consistent with Wisconsin Statute 36.09(5) to review and advise policies concerning student activity programmning.

Members and Subcommittees

Vice President:
SAB Art Gallery
Coordinates all exhibitions in the Harry and Laura Nohr Art Gallery.

Advisor: Kristin Swanson
SAB Community Service Committee
Provides and promotes service opportunities for students as well as faculty and staff. Service opportunities may be on campus, national, or international, but especially in the local community.

SAB Current Issues Committee
Provides campus with speakers and programs that inform as well as entertain students, particularly about controversial issues. The main purpose of this committee is to broaden the perspectives of students, challenging them to think about the issues that will face them after college.

SAB Homecoming Committee
Provides students with activities that help develop their education, sportsmanship, knowledge as a citizen, and concept of teamwork. Homecoming also provides the campus community with a way to show pride and spirit for their organization, as well as the university.

SAB Movie Committee
Provides a wide variety of big-screen film entertainment at a low cost for the campus. Members of this committee are responsible for selecting, marketing and regulating the movies.

SAB Music Features Committee
Programs a wide variety of musical events, comedians and speciality activities on campus. These events range from coffeehouse acts to major concerts.

SAB Performing Arts
Plans and executes the Performing Arts Series.

SAB Public Relations Committee
Promotes the activities of the SAB events to the campus and community.

SAB Publicity Committee
Promotes the activities of the SAB through the graphic arts medium.

SAB Special Events Committee
To program a wide variety of events, including comedians and other speciality activities on campus.

SAB Summer Events Committee
Provides entertaining and educational events for the summer session.