Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. Advises the Director of University Computing on administrative matters associated with academic computing.
  2. Reviews requests from deans, college committees, and departments and makes recommendations to the requesting unit and the Budget Commission for:
    1. Capital purchases of computer hardware
    2. Major software purchases ($500 or greater)
  3. Provides a forum for suggestions and complaints from faculty and students with respect to academic computing.
  4. Reviews the annual University Computing Services budget prior to submission to the Budget Commission.
  5. Encourages and promotes computer usage on campus.


Faculty: (seven faculty, two from each college and one from the library, serving three-year staggered terms)

Member: College: Term Expires:
Dominic Barraclough LAE Education 2003
John Berg Library Karrmann Library 2002
Robertt Hasker EMS Elec./Software Engineering 2004
Michael Dalecki LAE Social Sciences 2002
Osama Jadaan EMS General Engineering 2002
Thomas Scanlan BILSA Comp. Sci./Comm. Technologies 2003
Francis Steck BILSA Industrial Studies 2004
Academic Staff: (one teaching)
Donna Gavin
Students: (two appointed by Student Senate)
Jim Peterson
Ex Officio:
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology: Paul Moriarty