Committee Structure, Functions and Duties

  1. At the request of the Chancellor or the affected faculty or academic staff member, hears and investigates complaints made by other faculty members, academic staff members, students, classified staff members, or any citizen concerning alleged conduct by a faculty or academic staff member which is contrary to that person's obligations to the University, but which is not serious enough to warrant dismissal proceedings.

  2. Hears and investigates grievances concerning any University decision or practice, against those authorized to make them, other than decisions having to do with renewal, rank, salary, or tenure.


Faculty: (five appointed by the Faculty Senate, three-year term, no consecutive terms, no more than one member from any department)

Member: College: Term Expires:
David Drury EMS Electrical & Software Engineering 2002
Kenneth Kilian BILSA Agriculture 2003
Kurt Rolle EMS Mech. & Ind. Engineering 2004
Machelle Schroeder BILSA Business & Accounting 2002
Laura Wendorff LAE Humanities 2003

Mike Dalecki LAE Social Sciences 2004
Richard Klawiter EMS Industrial Studies 2003
Lang Lee EMS Mechanical/Industrial Engineering 2004
Mike Mee BILSA Agriculture 2004
John Nkemnji LAE Education 2004
Robert Nusbaum BILSA Agriculture 2004
Mittie Nimocks LAE Fine Arts 2002
Brian Peckham LAE Economics 2004
Bill Potts BILSA Business & Accounting 2002
Jesse Reinstein EMS Chemistry & Engineering Physics 2002
Piyare Sharma EMS Elect./Software Engineering 2004
Fredric Tufte EMS Mathematics 2004
Thomas Waters LAE Social Sciences 2003
Osama Jadaan EMS General Engineering 2003