Campus Artwork and Posting Policy

Introduction: This policy is intended to cover two major issues. It applies to posting of materials on bulletin boards. It also regulates the hanging of materials such as artwork, pictures, displays and literature on all university interior building walls.

The policy does not apply to posting and hanging in the Pioneer Student Center, Glenview Commons, Karrmann Library or the residence halls. These buildings have their own policies on posting. It also does not apply to faculty and staff offices. This policy does not govern artwork on the university grounds or on the outside of buildings. It does not apply to educational materials within classrooms or offices.

The policy goals are to reduce the clutter and litter on the walls, bulletin boards and floors of public areas within campus buildings. It intends to reduce physical damage to building walls, doors and other surfaces. It recognizes the necessity and value of disseminating information to the university community by posting items on bulletin boards.

The policy recognizes the value of a diversity in the types of artwork, pictures, and literature displayed in a university community. It recognizes a diversity of educational and aesthetic considerations in what items are placed on display. Likewise, it reflects a concern with maintaining an attractive overall appearance within campus buildings.

The university is also concerned with maintaining the dignity of its art displays by hanging the works in an aesthetically appropriate manner.

Policy Guidelines:
  1. Installation and removal of artwork: Artwork on interior hallway and public rooms shall be posted only upon approval by the dean or appropriate building supervisor in consultation with faculty and staff. Any installation of fasteners shall be done by physical plant personnel.
  2. There shall be no posting with fasteners or adhesives on woodwork, windows, doors or painted surfaces of a building.
  3. All materials which are placed on university bulletin boards in hallways and public rooms shall contain a date for removal of the material. These materials shall be removed by university staff when they are outdated. Undated material will be removed after 30 days. This portion of the policy does not apply to bulletin boards dedicated to a specific department or office for its educational or informational purposes. Postings do not require approval by any office.